Software Security Consulting

We find critical vulnerabilities in software deployed on billions of devices. Our software security expertise can prevent compromises that result in millions of dollars in losses.

Fuzzer Development And Deployment

Fuzzing is a highly effective way of achieving sustainable, automated test coverage thereby reducing the cost of security and verification. We can help you leverage our fuzzers to discover exploitable vulnerabilities in software. For more advanced targets, we offer fuzzer development services.

Penetration Testing And Code Review Services

Do you have a codebase that needs to be secured? We can review it. Different approaches yield unique results, and manual security reviews are no exception, providing an extra degree of assurance.

Reverse Engineering And Binary Analysis Services

The need to extract pertinent information from an opaque program or file can arise for a multitude of reasons. If you have a program or file that needs to be assessed to identify anomalous characteristics, we can help analyze it.

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