Security Review Services

Importance of Manual Analysis

In most cases, penetration testing and security code reviews play a complementary role to automated testing such as fuzzing. The reason is that while there may be overlap in vulnerabilities discovered using the different approaches, each tends to also produce unique results.

If you would like to discuss the nature of your software project and whether it might benefit from penetration testing or code review, contact us.

Penetration Testing & Code Review

Whether your software is written in a high-level language such as PHP or C#, or a low level language such as C or Assembly, we have the expertise to perform security reviews of your software. We'll perform extensive analysis using both automation and manual testing, rooting out difficult to find vulnerabilities.

While source code allows for more thorough and expedient analysis, we can perform reviews against targets for which access to the codebase is not possible. Exploit development services are available; in some cases, such as web application vulnerabilties, exploits are provided as part of the basic report.

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