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XSS: A Case Of Broken Encoding - HTML

A real world example of broken percent encoding.

Process Hollowing - HTML | PDF | Source

Process hollowing is yet another tool in the kit of those who seek to hide the presence of a process. The idea is rather straight forward: a bootstrap application creates a seemingly innocent process in a suspended state. The legitimate image is then unmapped and replaced with the image that is to be hidden. If the preferred image base of the new image does not match that of the old image, the new image must be rebased. Once the new image is loaded in memory the EAX register of the suspended thread is set to the entry point. The process is then resumed and the entry point of the new image is executed.

IAT Hooking Revisited - HTML | PDF | Source

Import address table (IAT) hooking is a well documented technique for intercepting calls to imported functions. However, most methods rely on suspicious API functions and leave several easy to identify artifacts. This paper explores different ways IAT hooking can be employed while circumventing common detection mechanisms. 

Anti-Debugging With Exceptions - HTML | PDF

Several techniques for detecting exception swallowing debuggers have been documented. The concept is simple: by design, debuggers handle certain kinds of exceptions. If such an exception is wrapped in a try block, the exception handle is only executed if a debugger is not attached. Hence it can be inferred that a debugger is attached whenever the exception block is not executed.

Improve Web Application Security With jQuery Mobile - HTML | PDF

Many web developers consider security a low priority. Security is frequently relegated to the end of the software development life cycle, as little more than an afterthought. Sometimes, software security is neglected entirely, resulting in applications rife with common vulnerabilities. Because such bugs might manifest only under conditions present during an attack, they can be hard to detect prior to such events without knowledge of how the exploitation process works. Using a web application built with jQuery Mobile, PHP, and MySQL, this tutorial shows how many types of vulnerabilities occur along with common methods of exploitation and, most importantly, their respective countermeasures. 

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